What would Lovecraft think of the Howard Award and other writing (and just plain quirky) links (#SFWApro)

Nnedi Okorafor writes about winning the “Howard,” the World Fantasy Award named for the extremely racist HP Lovecraft. Given HPL’s views on race and whiteness I thought Okorafor was very generous in her conclusion: “Lovecraft is probably rolling in his grave. Or maybe, having become spirit, his mind has cleared of the poisons and now understands the err of his ways. Maybe he is pleased that a book set in and about Africa in the future has won an award crafted in his honor. “

•Related: it turns out the WFA is dropping HPL’s phiz as the award, though they haven’t settled on an alternative. I agree with John Scalzi, Octavia Butler seems an odd choice—she’s much more known for SF than fantasy, as far as I’m aware—though I’m not sure who would be a good one (perhaps nobody? Go with an image instead?)

•From a couple of months back: a proposal of how to fix/improve awards (related to the Hugo debates earlier this year) and a complaint by the proposer that his idea has been hijacked by the Cool Kids. At the link Jim Hines wonders how someone in a genre with so many nerds winds up thinking the other nerds are “cool” or look down on him as not cool enough.

•On a more serious note, I linked a while ago to a discussion of a patent-infringement case involving digital files rather than actual manufactured objects. Federal courts have sided with the defendant in the case—otherwise the effect on copyright law could have been spectacular.

•Jane Austen quotes, including “It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.” and “Nothing ever fatigues me, but doing what I do not like.”

•Just because technology is supposedly dead and gone doesn’t make it true: Betamax only expired recently (if you’re wondering “what’s Betamax?” just click).

•For writing something set in the 1950s, this sex-ed guide might be useful.

101 books with corpse in the title. Who doesn’t want to read The Corpse With the Purple Thighs?

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