More comics! (#SFWApro)

11389398FRIENDS WITH BOYS by Faith Erin Hicks (cover by Hicks, all rights with current holder) has home-schooled Maggie nervously following her older brothers into high school only to discover there are benefits to hanging out with people you’re not related to. There’s a plot here involving a local ghost but the strength of the book is the character interactions and the generally upbeat tone (usually comic-book high schools are lot more unpleasant).

DMZ: Blood in the Game by Brian Wood and Ricardo Burchielli has Matty ditching journalistic objectivity when the various sides in the war decide to appoint a new NYC mayor and a black activist fields himself as someone who’ll represent the city rather than the clashing national governments. This works much better than the previous TPB, so I imagine I’ll check more out of the library eventually.

WE3 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely is the novel Homeward Bound (AKA the film Incredible Journey) if the protagonists had been government-engineered into cyborgs with heavy firepower, and the government were determined to destroy them for fear the experiments will go public. This packs way more emotional punch than Morrison’s Animal Man did with heavy-handed animal rights stories though I concede wringing emotion from suffering animals is l0w-hanging fruit (but it works on me). Quitely’s art though, makes the story hard to follow, particularly when you have multiple battle-armored animals all battling each other.

GOTHAM ACADEMY: Welcome to Gotham Academy by Becky Cloonan and Brendan Fletcher is the story of Olive Silverlock, scholarship child at Gotham’s prestigious prep school, returning to class despite being haunted by something terrible she can’t remember. This has it’s charming moments (certainly the most unusual take on Killer Croc I’ve ever seen) but didn’t quite work for me, though that may have been as much being in the throes of last week’s sickness as any flaw in the material.

The fifth volume of SAGA by Brian Wood and Fiona Staples has Marco struggling to get back to his family, Alanna struggling to save Hazel from the robot janitor and the terrorists he’s brought down on them, and Sophie struggling to restore The Will to life. This lacks a lot of the quirkiness and humor of the early issues, and even given the circumstances, Will using the C-word on Sophie made me flinch (apparently now that the F-bomb is no longer shocking, we’re just going to have the other Bad Words dragged into use as the Ultimate Profanity) and not I think in the way they wanted. Still good enough I look forward to Volume Six.


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