Debate night and other links

I knew right-winger Ann Coulter had turned Christian a few years ago, but I wasn’t aware she wants 100 percent Christian America with Jews converted. And she’s therefore very upset that conservatives in the debates sound like they’re concerned about the Jewish vote.

•Samantha Field interprets Huckabee’s worries about the collapse of civilization. And Digby looks at Carly Fiorina’s habit of flinging bullshit.

•We Hunted the Mammoth mocks the same sexbot post I blogged about yesterday.

•Slacktivist looks back at the 1990s Satanic panic and wonders why so many people were willing to ignore logic and believe in the outrageous stories, even to the point of locking up the “satanists”

•Bernie Sanders says racism was built into the foundations of the country. A pundit insists otherwise; at the link, LGM explains why Sanders is right.

•We need reforms in the criminal justice system. But as usual, nobody wants to be soft on crime.

•John Seavey finds another metaphor to explain privilege.

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