As Philip Dick might have said, this week was time out of joint (#SFWApro)

Not that it wasn’t productive, but it was a decidedly chaotic schedule.

Sunday I attended a work day my fellow writer Allegra (website here) throws once a month for members of our writer’s group: food, conversation, then writing for a few hours (with occasional convrsation). It was fun, and I got some good writing in … before TYG texted me to report Trixie was having trouble peeing and it might be due to a urinary infection. So I headed back early and spent an hour or so at the vet, who confirmed yes, probably it was, and gave us antibiotics (they seem to be doing the trick).

Sunday night, and a couple of nights thereafter, Plushie decided it would be fun to get up in the middle of the night, get off the bed and walk around clacking his nails on our hardwood floor for 30 minutes, before jumping up on my side of the bed. Not good for sleep, so I got very zonked for a couple of days. Plus we had plumbers in Monday, taking up time. Then when they said they couldn’t help with our dishwasher (which was not washing dishes at all), I managed to figure out how to get the filter out, clean it (lots of dog hair) and reinstall it. As a not-at-all-handy man, I was quite impressed with myself, but that ate up more time.

So between the little distractions and the lack of sleep, and adjusting to TYG’s schedule this week I felt very out of joint. In many ways Demand Media work, because I did it so steadily, kept my time more focused.

Now, the productivity. I finished the short article I was working on (not as fast as I should, see the bit about lack of sleep), did more rewriting on the movie book (all that I’d planned to do this month in fact) and worked through the usual roster of movies. I got about 2,500 words in on Southern Discomfort, plus some short story work. So not bad, though not particularly stellar (I’ll go into more detail on Southern Discomfort next week). Oh, and my post this week about sexbots apparently hit the zeitgeist as this blog got my highest daily viewing ever.

And then there’s the real down side. Due to not sending much stuff out so far this year, I’d almost forgotten the experience of rapid-fire repeated rejection, but I got two stories back this week (spent some time searching for new markets, haven’t found them yet) so that was a handy reminder. I also emailed Barbarian Books, which accepted Questionable Minds for publication last year, to see if they had a timeline for publication yet. They emailed back to say they’re shutting down and reverted my rights to me. They’d actually omitted me from the original email blast to their authors, so I’m glad I contacted them (always check back when you don’t hear for too long). Of course I’ll send the book out again, but it’s darn depressing.

A more minor downer was that having ordered the Complete Melancholy of Haruhi Susumiya, it turns out “complete” refers to the first season only, which I’ve already seen (it didn’t say that on the eBay listing, I checked). And most of the second-season stand-alone sets are pricey, or non-US. Frustrating as there’s a time-loop plot that takes up a lot of that season.

I’m getting better at taking the every-25-minutes breaks during the work day. Still having a little difficulty mentally breaking after work. But definitely getting off the couch (where I’ve usually been watching a few hours of videos for the book0 helps me move mentally away from work too.

And for a post closer, here’s a photo I took of Trixie. It was supposed to show her looking at me wistfully from the top of the stairs but I think it came out kind of Poltergeist instead.


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