The week’s big news— (#SFWApro)

Fourth anniversary Thursday! And no regrets from either TYG or me.

It still amazes me how lucky we got. Not just that we found each other, but that overall, it was remarkably easy. We fully expected that when I moved up to Durham we’d run into problems as we went from long-distance to living together. Instead we meshed together really well. And have ever since. And my life is so much better than it used to be. 🙂

Otherwise, a fairly normal week. Put in more hours than 40 again, which I hadn’t planned on, but I got an extra assignment and needed extra hours to watch my usual movie quota. Plus doing Demand Media, getting in a new And column (not out yet) and once again four hours of fiction. And a lot of doggie attention, Trixie and Plush were quite needy this week.

Two of the fiction hours went to rewriting the opening of The Impossible Takes a Little Longer—some of the criticisms about it from the writer’s group were quite on point. Then I went over the criticism and preserved some added ones that seemed relevant. Next, I’ll see what changes I want to make to the rest of the book. As few as possible, in case you’re wondering, but some will be needed. Sigh.

And the other two hours went to working on my theater story, The Stage is a World. It inched very slightly closer to done, and I have a sharper sense of what needs to change from the last draft … but I can’t see how to make the change happen. Yet.

But the high point of the week was definitely having been married another year (dinner at The Melting Pot was pleasant too).

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