They say it’s my birthday … and they’re right! (#SFWApro)

This was a better year than it sometimes felt like.

The low income due to Demand being off-line a while, and then the time commitment as primary caregiver for the dogs made this easily the lowest income I’ve had in this century. Which upset me a lot, even though we’re not dependent on my income. However, there was a lot of good stuff too.

•We got the puppies!

•We took an incredible vacation to Boston (some photos here and here)!

Affairs of Honor and And He Bought a Crooked Cat came out.

•I have two more stories due out this year.

•I sold a novel, squeee!

•I got the go-ahead for Time Travel on Screen (or whatever we end up calling it).

•I visited all my friends on the Florida Panhandle (or a lot of them) for the first time since my wedding.

•And TYG and I are still in love and, I think, closer than ever. Not that this is really an event, or confined to last year, but it gives me a warm feeling whenever I think about it.

My biggest regret (cash aside) is that between the work on the time-travel book, TYG’s schedule and the efforts to care for the dogs, a lot of little things have gone by the wayside. Going out to movies. Cleaning—as invariably happens when I don’t do it regularly, things are now reaching the point where it’s dirty enough to bother me (which is pretty dirty). Going to plays. I want to get going again on that stuff.

I’d also like to write much more fiction but for the moment, given the needs to do paying work and work on the book, I can’t see how to make that happen. But I shall mull it over later today. There are a couple of nonfiction projects I’d like to get off the back-burner too.

Here’s to the coming year. I hope it’s at least as good.

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