Ten days that shook the world: Prequel and days 1-2 (#SFWApro)

TYG and I left for our Boston vacation on June 30. Prior to that, we spent the weekend cleaning up, TYG deciding she didn’t want to come home to a messy house. We’re very different that way: I try to maintain a steady level of cleaning, TYG will have sudden spurts of large-scale cleaning. But as I often fall behind, that’s not such a bad thing, as it gives me a chance to catch up on everything I haven’t done.
TYG was also quite shocked when I mentioned I didn’t plan to bring my computer, opting to rely on my smartphone (which I didn’t have last time we went to the Mensa gathering). As it turned out, I had to bring it, because I had some rewrites for Demand Media to do while I was gone. And that worked out well, because I took so many pictures I’d have used up my camera’s memory if I didn’t download them every day.
After a quick Monday flight, we arrived in Boston, found the hotel and touched base with one or two other early Mensans. Like true tourists, we dined at Cheesecake factory (don’t worry, we got some local grub into us soon enough). Next morning we got up and ate at the Hilton’s breakfast buffet. It was … pricey. And not any better than every other hotel breakfast buffet—eggs, pancakes, bacon, bagels, granola, fruit. Perfectly adequate but not at that price. We didn’t repeat the experience. I did, however, make full use of the Hilton’s Starbucks for tea.
abbey room
We set out Tuesday to visit the Boston Aquarium. Walking to the T, we ran into the Boston Library. We decided to go inside.
As you can tell, it’s pretty cool. Not least because the awesome building and art coexist alongside everyday library use.
library wall
reading room3
Eventually we moved on and reached the Boston Aquarium. We were there for easily four or five hours. It’s impressive.
That last one is a monkfish.
After several hours walking and gawking, we headed home. And had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.
The local eating and the Mensa activity starts next vacation post.


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