Todd Akin: Republicans are repressing rape apologists to win women’s votes!

Todd Akin, the politician who lost re-election after claiming rape can’t get women pregnant, now has a book out. In his memoir, he insists what he said about rape was right (though of course he really, really, really hates rape) but he was bullied by the Republican establishment into apologizing for his remarks. Of course, as Salon notes at the link (hat tip to Echidne), that would mean far from the proud Christian activist he wants us to see him as, he’s actually a mendacious politician just as willing to lie about his fundamental beliefs as all the rest.
I doubt (and hope I’m right) this will lead to a rebirth of his political career, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he became a successful speaker or talk-show host. He is, after all, saying what lots of conservatives believe (as noted in the link at the top, “rape won’t get you pregnant” has been a staple belief in evangelical right-to-life circles), and in the current atmosphere of right-wing political fervor claiming that you’re a purer conservative than the other guys never seems to hurt (and it’s now a staple of right-wing punditry).
And while we’re on the subject of the war on women and those who wage it, Hobby Lobby, some lawmakers are trying to pass a new bill that will get around the Supreme Court’s ruling. Unfortunately, the odds of getting anything through both houses of Congress are minimal.
At Slate, Lithwick and West point out the Hobby Lobby decision is even more of a mess than it first appeared. Part of Justice Alito’s rationale was that the administration had offered religious non-profits a way out of participating, by signing a form stating their religious objections (after which the employees can get birth control coverage, but without the employer providing it). As this imposes less of a burden on religious objectors, Alito’s opinion states, the government should have gone with that option for Hobby Lobby and other “closely held corporations.”
However some groups have insisted that even filling out a form is a burden on their beliefs: Once they do that, the women are going to get contraceptives, so it still violates their principles. And as noted in the Slate article, the Supreme Court has issued an injunction in one such case so that the organization (Wheaton College) won’t have to comply with a lower-court order saying Not a Burden. So after ruling for Hobby Lobby because there was a better alternative, the court has now thrown out the alternative.
No surprise the ACLU and other groups have dropped their support for the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, which prohibits discrimination against employees over sexual orientation or gender identity. ENDA has a religious exemption and after Hobby Lobby, the concern is the Supremes will turn that into a huge gaping loophole.


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