But here are some good things (#SFWApro)

DOCTOR WHO: The Mind Robber is a delightfully weird one in which the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zooey are trapped in a world of unreality where they encounter Lemuel Gulliver, Medusa, shapeshifting doors (“A door is not a door—if it’s a jar!”) and 21st century comic-strip characters (“I can’t disbelieve in someone I’ve never heard of.”). I remembered this one with fondness and it doesn’t disappoint. “Sword, sword, sword … words!”

THE YESTERDAY MACHINE (1963) ain’t good, but it is more interesting than anything in the previous post. Two college kids are attacked by Civil War soldiers in the woods, which leads a local reporter and a cop (played by one time Western star Tim Holt) to discover a Nazi mad scientist perfecting time-travel so that he can rewrite the outcome of WW II. Unfortunately this is the kind of low-budget film that pads the running time outrageously, from a dance number mid-film to the villain’s lecture on Nazi genius and “spectro-relativity.”

BLUE YONDER (1985) has a kid travel back to the 1920s to stop his grandfather (Peter Coyote) making the transatlantic flight attempt that will kill him. While a subplot involving crooks stealing the time-machine feels recycled from the worst of Disney’s live-action comedies, the body of the movie works well thanks to Coyote’s talent. For a family-centric time-trip, this is unusual in that it doesn’t give the lead any greater understanding of his parents (e.g. “Wow, now that I know how hard it was growing up with your father dead, I respect you more.”). With Art Carney as an eccentric. “I’m going to follow my instincts.”

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