And stuff that’s almost outside the book’s boundaries (#SFWApro)

TENCHI THE MOVIE 2: Daughter of Darkness (1997) looked like a contender as it starts with Tenchi meeting what appears to be his daughter, resulting in much speculation among his harem about which woman is Mommy. However the girl turns out to be a clone, as part of a scheme by an old lover of Tenchi’s grandfather (“The darkness in love with the light, isn’t that funny?”). Not the series’ best. “What kind of DNA produces real silver?

UNDERMIND (2003) has a drunken, self-indulgent lawyer and a musician/petty crook change minds in what’s never presented as a parallel world story, but clearly isn’t just one of them hallucinating. The protagonist is too stiff in his roles, but this isn’t bad. “Perhaps you’re at the wrong building—there’s no-one here by that name either.”

MV5BNDg2NTgxODQ0NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzg1MTU1MQ@@._V1_SX214_AL_THE DEATHS OF IAN STONE (2007) is an excellent little horror film in which the eponymous protagonist tries to figure out why he keeps getting killed and resurrected to increasingly crappy realities (from hot-shot collegian to office drone to unemployed to druggie …), and who the mysterious “They” are doing all the killing. The question for me is whether “altering reality” in this context counts as changing history (even though he does seem to have a different personal history with each reboot). Either way, a good one though.“They will do terrible things to her—and then it’s the end of you.”

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