Sexist Gibberish (and other links)

Men’s rights activist Paul Elam explains that letting women work alongside men is a disaster that makes it impossible for humanity to achieve anything great. Men working in groups built aqueducts and landed on the moon, but then women come in and complain about harassment and that makes it impossible to work toward greatness (I presume the subtext is that women should shut up about sexual harassment). He offers neither evidence nor examples in the quoted section of his presentation (I admit I didn’t listen to the whole thing).

Not that Elam’s unique. We have Mark Forney, who says women don’t deserve to feel self-confident as they’ve never accomplished anything (and more importantly, self-confident women make his dick limp. He said it, not me). Roy Baumeister believes that because men had to be successful to get laid, therefore evolution selects for superior men, while women could just be inferior as men took care of them. And this is why men run the world—not sexism but because their natural superiority left women in the dust. So letting women into the working world built by men is just anti-meritocracy.

Baumeister gussies his arguments up with supposed science (Echidne dissects them at the links) but both he and Elam are just regurgitating time-honed sexism. Women just don’t belong in the workplace. They should be at home popping out babies. From the men’s rights viewpoint that would be a great outcome: if women weren’t working, they’d need to find husbands so maybe those poor incels wouldn’t need government help to find women.

In other news:

•Obama’s new AG nominee opposes the death penalty and doesn’t support dubious vote-suppression—er, voter anti-fraud measures. This right-wing post keeps listing point after point that makes her look pretty good.

•Porn stars explain net neutrality (if streaming porn is outlawed, only outlaws will stream porn. No, not quite it …)

•It depresses me to think of Bill Cosby as a rapist, but I don’t really doubt it.

•In the eyes of some people fighting for social justice is a bad thing.

•A really bad thing: nuclear power.

•For two years, the Franklin Loan Corporation paid bonuses to loan officers to talk consumers into more expensive loans. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is forcing the company to pay out $730,000 as a penalty.

•There’s a limit to how big a bar or restaurant’s TV can be without violating copyright.

•Digby reminds us what a massive violation of human rights the war on terror has become. Here she discusses NSA head Michael Rogers’ whiny claims that people should stop being so mean to the NSA because it doesn’t collect data on Americans and Edward Snowden totally made it easier for ISIS to keep their communications secret (Digby points out ISIS actually changed its communication strategy because we kept bombing them).

•Alaska Senator Pete Kelly wants bars to have pregnancy tests in the women’s room, so that women can double-check if their pregnant before they drink. But make birth control more available? That’s social engineering! The post links to this truly scary story in passing: a woman in New Jersey refused to pre-authorize a C-section. Her baby was born without trouble but the authorities claimed her refusal endangered her child, and took the baby away for three years.

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