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DON’T SHOOT THE DOG: The New Art of Teaching and Training by Karen Pryor discusses how you can use positive reinforcement (and occasionally negative) reinforcement to deal with everything from a barking dog to an unappreciative spouse. Which was a problem for me, despite the title Pryor spends too much time on theory and its general applications (there’s an astonishing amount about dolphin training, which is really very little use to me) and relatively little about hands-on dog advice. Somewhat useful, but disappointing (in fairness, that’s mostly a mismatch of my goals and hers).

HONOLULU by Alan Brennert has a Korean picture bride arrive in Honolulu at the turn of the last century, only to discover her dream man is actually a drunken brute. Running away from him leads to eventual happiness, plus meeting Charlie Apana, Sadie Thompson (or more precisely the woman Maugham based her on) and watching one of her friends caught up in the Massie case. While I liked Brennert’s Palisades Park, this doesn’t have the same magic (in fairness, straight historical novels are not my cup of tea) though Brennert’s research is once again impressive.

TALON: Scourge of the Owls by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV tells the story of Calvin Rose, escape artist turned Talon—one of the enforcers for Gotham City’s sinister Court of Owls—only to rebel against the court and go on the run. Only inevitably, they’ve now caught up with him … This worked much better than the one issue I skimmed a year or so ago made me think, but the Butcher—a psycho the Court unleashes on Calvin—is way to dull to be the running foe he is (he’s as generic a sociopath as you can ask for. And I wasn’t asking).

16059656 THE PROPERTY by Israeii writer/artist Rutu Modan (cover by Modan, rights with current holder) is a quirkily readable story about an elderly Polish-immigrant Israeli and her granddaughter returning to Warsaw. The grandma claims she wants to recover real estate the family once owned, but she has a secret agenda … as do several other people … I’m pretty sure there are subtleties I’m missing (being neither Israeli, nor Polish Jewish, nor having grandparents in the Holocaust), but this works well even so.

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