Hatred and other links

Not as much bicycling as usual due to schedule conflicts, but it was a beautiful ride in the cooling fall weather. First time I’ve had to wear my long pants to ride in a while.
But still it wiped me out, so nothing terribly deep.
The most striking blog post I read today was this one on Hullabaloo, showing former Executive Director of the Republican Party Todd Kincannon once again tweeting his heart out. Previously he’s discussed how Trayvon Martin would have grown up to be a drug whore (and deserved to be put down like a mad dog), and how a US soldier turned anti-war activist should have come home in a body-bag. His new assertion is that we need to wage war on Muslims “the way our forefathers did to the savages that infested America … A civilized people must never be afraid to charge through the savages and shoot all the males over the age of 12.” So much the same view as right-wing Christian Gary Kass, plus the added bigotry against Native Americans. Which doesn’t emerge as often in politics these days but it’s there (as witness Repub Pat Rogers two years ago saying for Arizona’s governor to meet with native tribes insulted and dishonored General Custer).
•A really grim article from Buzzfeed on how women who don’t stop their partners abusing their kids are sentenced to jail. Sometimes for as long as the abuser. Sometimes longer. Sometimes even though they were abused too, or tried calling police on their partner multiple times. And no, male spouses of abusive mothers are not held to the same standard. (Hat tip to Echidne).
•A look at how the story of the heroic marine who stands up to his atheist professor has developed on the Internet.
•Israel supporters often equate any criticism of Israel to anti-semitism. But here we have an open anti-semite (he’d love to see his neighbor sell his place, But Not to JEWS!!!) who explains no, he’s just anti-zionist.

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