The price of a productive day—

At least for today is being too tired for anything but links.
•Bank of America will pay a $16.6 million settlement over charges it knowingly took drug-dealers’ money. Of course that’s the kind of penalty a corporation that size can shrug off. A shame we don’t put people in jail for drug crimes. Oh, wait ….
•A Yelp review’s joke about free abortions prompts a Portland restaurant to donate money to a women’s crisis line. Meanwhile another Portland eatery (ice cream) raises money for Planned Parenthood and gets threats.
•A Finnish educator says that evolutionary psychology should be taught to everyone everywhere. Echidne disagrees (and here’s a past post of mine on the topic).
•The Bloggess responds to a new Tumblr meme, Women Against Feminism. While I agree with her that feminism has its problems, I think a lot of the “against” is because right-wingers have portrayed feminism so negatively for the past 30 or 40 years. As witness one sign that baffles the Bloggess “I don’t need to grow out my body hair to prove I’m equal to men.” The idea of feminists as hairy, unshaven women (and that this is a Very Bad Thing) is a staple caricature, common enough it’s not surprising people buy into it (even people whose actual beliefs are extremely feminist. I’ve known several).
•Undocumented immigrants are a greater threat to America than al Qaeda, one right-winger proclaims!
•A church actually expels a pastor for sexually abusing children. That shouldn’t be noteworthy, but it is.
•A Catholic group active in supporting immigrants doesn’t support same-sex marriage but has a membership in a Hispanic organization that does. Which is pro-gay enough that the Catholic Church cut the group’s funding.
•Eight states have religious tests for public office.
•Some moderate churches worry that Obama’s treating gay rights too much like racial or gender rights.
•I’ve read about Apple’s brutal treatment of it’s overseas workers. Apparently American workers get treated illegally too. Outsourcing, of course, lets companies push what they do into the shadows, and they prefer it that way.
•Apple and a computer security specialist lock horns over possible back doors in iPhones.
Here’s a good idea for dealing with “safety” regulations that place requirements on abortion clinics but no-one else: Make them apply to all similar medical businesses (if abortion doctors have to have hospital-admitting privileges, so do dentists).
•A Florida court throws out a gerrymandered legislative district.

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