Tired but pleased (#SFWApro)

The main reason for the tired is that Demand Media had a lot of finance articles this week, so I had a wide selection of articles I could write (tech is a lot harder for me). So I wrote. And that coupled with everything else took plenty of energy. But it feels good to count on having money coming in.
Other than those articles and the usual array of time-travel viewing, I spent lots of time working on my replot of Southern Discomforts. It went great until this afternoon when I realized a key plot point didn’t actually make sense. The solution was simple enough but it took me a frustrating couple of hours to think of it. However the replotting is otherwise going well. I have a much clearer idea of the setting (small town called Candleston) and I’ve worked in one key event that I never got around to scheduling last time.
I also read one of my older stories, All Happy Families, to some writing friends and got some good feedback. More positive than I expected, in fact, so after a couple of tweaks, I’ll send it out again.
And I have a couple of magazine queries ready to go. I’ll send them out next week, which gives me time to make one final glance over them.
So productive! And so ready to kick back and relax for the weekend.
Oh, and I got accepted as a guest for the local Illogicon next January. That’ll be fun—it’s my first time in about 20 years being a con guest.

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