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THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT (2010) stars Julianne Moore and Annette Benning as lesbian moms knocked for a loop when their kids find, meet and like sperm donor father Mark Ruffalo. This is very nicely done, but much less off-the-wall than I’d expected: Fred Astaire’s The Pleasure of His Company 50 years ago played with the same idea of a long-absent father winning over the kids. It also follows Jeanine Basinger’s formula for Marriage Movies (Marriage Threatened, Marriage Survives). So a little disappointing, but that’s more because of my assumptions.“Sometimes you hurt the ones you love the most—I don’t know why, maybe if I’d read more Russian novels.”
LIBELED LADY (1936) is an excellent newspaper comedy in which editor Spencer Tracy postpones (yet again) his marriage to Jean Harlow to help his paper when Myrna Loy slaps it with a $5 million libel case over her supposed homewrecking (this was apparently an unbelievable amount to sue for back then). Tracy’s solution: Hire “libel man” William Powell to marry Harlow, then get in an affair with Loy, thereby validating the article. Fast-moving, well acted and very funny, though I’m not sure Harlow really gets a happy ending. “I’m not accustomed to handling anything so valuable—it should be touched only by dukes or royalty.”
CITY OF HOPE (1991) is John Sayles’ ensemble drama set in a racially divided, politically corrupt blue-collar city amateur thug Vince Spano finds true love, struggling builder Tony LeBianco discovers some problems (“Your juice has been cut off.”) and black politician Joe Morton tries to figure out what the hell’s he doing (other performers include Gina Gershon as Spano’s sister and Angela Bassett as Morton’s wife) This would double-bill well with Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing for a similar setting. “Do what you have to do—the people who count will understand.”

The second season of SCOOBY DOO: Mystery Inc has Scooby and the gang discover their hometown is sitting on a deep occult secret (causing Velma to freak out when she realizes this monster is real) and that they’re part of a mystery-solving tradition there going back to the ancient natives. This was as fun as the first season (I haven’t watched Scooby since the early 1980s and 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo) with a surprising number of cameos including Race Bannon, Dr. Quest, Blue Falcon, Dynomutt and a couple more from the Hanna-Barbera stable.


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