This was a “the bear got me” week (#SFWApro)

Of course I knew the week wouldn’t be maximally productive because TYG had some free time on MLK Day so I wanted to be off too. Not a huge problem.
But then Tuesday night we turned the heat up as the cold moved in. And once again I awoke early feeling muzzy and miserable. Wednesday was not effective.
Thursday I got a good night’s sleep (we finally found a thermostat setting we both can live with), but I’d already scheduled a eye doctor’s appointment (routine checkup) that afternoon. So I also scheduled several errands for Thursday rather than Monday, as I’d have the car and my eyes would be too dilated for writing anyway.
Haha, fooled me! No dilation tests this time. But I needed to get the errands done, so off I went, using up another chunk of time.
On the plus side, I didn’t fritter away my time. When I realized Wednesday I was too sleepy to work, I stopped and read, rather than futzing around on the computer and assuring myself I’d get to work any second. All things considered, not a big plus. And I ended up well below my planned Demand Media quota for the week.
However, as noted yesterday, I do have a new story out. And Number of the Least just sold to Fever Dreams, so that’ll be out soon.
And I got a new Raleigh Public Record assignment and applied for some new freelance gigs.
As far as writing any fiction, all I managed was a rewrite of Oh, The Places You’ll Go. It’s a marginal improvement at best, but it is an improvement.
On the whole, I feel very disappointed in myself. But it’s 5:52 on a Friday night, so now I’m walking away and letting it go.

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