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I only skimmed ENGLISH COSTUME From the Second Century BC to 1967 by Doreen Yarwood to confirm that it’s as good a reference as I thought. It is indeed, though like many reference books, pretty dry. I’ve used it for stuff set in the late 18th century but it’s just as good running from England’s early Beaker People through the “mod” era, as fashions rise and fall (it’s always a little startling to realize the concept of being fashionable preceded by generation by centuries) and wimples, mantles, surcoats, doublets, hose and bowler hats all have their day. I anticipate this being very useful.
HERO WANTED by Dan McGirt has a young turnip farmer discover he’s somehow become infamous as the greatest villain in all known kingdoms, leaving him on the run from bounty hunters as he tries to figure out who’s playing games with his destiny. While I like the concept, I’d have preferred it relatively straight (with a little tweaking, it could easily be noir … hmmm …); McGirt, however, is writing a comedy and the humor fell flat for me (in fairness most fantasy parodies fall flat for me).
Dorothy Sayers’ THE FIVE RED HERRINGS is the worst so far of her Peter Wimsey novels, being concerned less with character or a baffling puzzle as logistics. The mystery comes down to which of the six suspects was in the right position to brain the victim while he was out at night, given their various travels by car and train—two chapters actually go over timetables in detail. A complete flop, much as I remember it.


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