Sort of productive, sort of tired (#SFWApro)

This week, despite the lingering crud, I was back at work, but I can’t quite say it was a solid week of work.
My doctor told me Tuesday that I was probably coming out with it and she was right. I have way more energy than last week, though I’m still not 100 percent: I’m draggy and I keep taking extra naps during the day. The biggest problem is that my voice is still sore, so I couldn’t do any of the calls for my Raleigh Public Record story. Talking on the phone has led to laryngitis in the past, and I intend to avoid that. Hopefully by Tuesday I’ll be up and running.
On the plus side, I didn’t fritter my time away. I admittedly wasn’t as focused as usual, but when I was at work, I worked.
Still, I’ll be so glad when I’m at full capacity.
•I turned in my Boys’ Life story. They requested changes, nothing terribly hard or unreasonable. I’ll make them and resubmit.
•I proofed A Many Splendored Thing, and made final changes. Next week, out it goes.
•I got maybe 5,000 words done on Southern Discomforts, which was the big loser timewise this week. It’s progressing well, and I like some of the new bits that turned up (like one guy convinced the elves are Von Daniken-style ETs). I think I’m now looking at between 40,000 and 50,000 words for this draft.
And that pretty much covered it. If I still had sick leave, I’d probably have taken a day, but I don’t. Hopefully the upcoming three-day weekend (TYG is off Monday, so I’m off) will revive me.
I suppose it’s a good thing that instead of my usual big goal list, I just dashed off a list of a half-dozen things for November. It was last week and my sick brain couldn’t bear to think of a bigger list … and the way things are going, it’s probably more than enough for me to handle.

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