North Carolina Comicon

Despite still feeling wiped out from the bug (though much better) I attended the third annual Comicon at Durham’s Convention Center yesterday. Regrettably, only a few hours, but I did get to see multiple cool costumes, get autographs from Neal Adams and Bob Burden and talk to multiple comics creators, some of whom I’ve heard of, some of whom I’ll be looking up (case in point, Jay Potts’ blacksploitation webcomic, World of Hurt). I ran into a couple of friends, though several made it that I didn’t see, probably because of my limited time window (it conflicted with a friend’s party or I’d have stuck around in the evening).
As I said after Dragoncon, where the hell does the idea women aren’t interested in comics come from? I saw Black Widow, Red She-Hulk, a female Namor, Loki (briefly gender-switched a couple of years back), several Wonder Womans, several Harley Quinns, two or three Black Canaries and so on. The market’s there.
My favorite costume was a man and his little girl both dressed as Sho’Nuff from The Last Dragon. I love that movie, and it’s a shame it’s not better known.
Which anyway is why no posts from me yesterday.

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