I may be down, but my links are not out!

You may have heard there are calls to boycott Ender’s Game over Orson Scott Card’s politics. John Scalzi concludes (admittedly speculating) that Card’s almost certainly set for life, regardless of whether people see the film or not (I agree with Scalzi, whether they should is a separate question).
•The U.S. State Department said recently that letting embassy workers unionize is a security threat. It’s softened that position since.
•Digby looks at proposals from a recent speech by Tea Party Senator Mike Lee: Get rid of federal transportation funding (states and local governments will do it better!) and allow workers to take flex time or comp time instead of overtime when they work 40 hours a week. Based on personal experience I agree with Digby that the latter will work much better for employers than employees. You’ll take overtime when the bosses want you to and get comp time only when it’s convenient for them (probably never).
•And here’s an overview of state-level legal assaults on worker rights.
•Seattle’s mayor wants the city to have a new, faster fiber-optic network. Comcast is donating to his opponent.
•A feminist talks back to the people who call her slut, bitch and the c-word.
•The third verse of the Star-Spangled Banner deals with the British decision to free slaves and recruit them.
•A look at the scope of NSA spying and how willing the agency is to sniff out every little crumb of data. Michael Hayden argues we need the NSA on that wall, whether we’re looking for terrorist threats or just economic intel (“how far are the Germans going to go with the Greeks in preserving the Eurozone?”)
•Texas voter-ID laws have disqualified Jim Wright, former Speaker of the US House, from voting. He was able to get it fixed, but will ordinary seniors have the same options?

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