So I set aside a couple of hours to work on marketing today. But all my short stories are out; FB is having a glitch so i can’t set up a page for Philosophy and Fairy Tales; and I need more information before switching my ad-revenue program for my And columns (Google Adsense ain’t generating crap in terms of revenue). So I’ll take the moment to throw in a link post.
•Right-bloggers try to deal with the end of the government shutdown with Obamacare intact. This includes warnings about Obama-directed black riots, and total shock that black audiences don’t find comparisons of Obamacare to the evil of the Fugitive Slave Act persuasive.
•Here’s Digby with more thoughts on right-wing opposition to Obamacare. And that if people don’t have good health insurance, more of them will die.
•Pundit Charles Krauthammer says we should change the name of the Washington Redskins while insisting he’s not influenced by issues such as “ethnic sensitivity” or “tribal leaders playing the race card.” Which sounds bizarre (if they have a legitimate complaint, why is it “playing the race card?”). But that’s fairly typical when conservative pundits have to embrace a non-racist perspective—they have to assure all their readers that no, they’re not one of those PC liberal types, but even so …It’s the same way I’ve seen some conservatives come out in favor of gay marriage, but making as many jokes as possible (Why shouldn’t gays be as miserable as straight people? or some variation of the same). The Indian Country website says that in any case, Krauthammer is wrong to suggest “redskins” used to be acceptable.
•Roy Edroso justifiably mocks a column by Peggy Noonan on what the dead President Taft would say to the Tea Party.
•A biologist was invited to blog for a science website. She asked about pay. The editor’s response was to ask if she was a whore.
•In response to a recent column on Slate about rape and alcohol, a blogger suggests men are the ones who should watch their drinking. •Responding to the same article, Echidne points out that telling women not to drink doesn’t actually stop rape—at best, it gives them more of a chance of not being the victim. “I didn’t find a pearl about how we should teach our children to take care of others, too, to not let a friend get raped or get behind the wheel drunk and so on, and I didn’t find a pearl about teaching young people that when an “inexperienced young person is wasted” perhaps we shouldn’t see whether that person gets exploited or “ends up” exploiting someone else but instead make sure that they get safely home …There will always be the slowest zebra, and teaching zebras how to run faster will not change that.”
•A look at one Texas school board shows how the Voting Rights Act has protected the black majority in a black majority school district. And that the need for the act hasn’t gone away.
•Craftspeople claim the gift wholesaler Cody Foster rips off their designs.
•Two decades after passing the Americans with Disabilities Act, Amtrak still has major barriers for the disabled.
•A very good article by Amanda Marcotte on the perennial claims that birth control/sex before marriage/hook-up culture are bad because they make women more “sexually available”—and therefore they benefit men but not women. As Marcotte says, the only thing that makes someone available is saying yes.
•Slacktivist looks at a Christian group that fired a female employee who got divorced but kept two men who went through divorce on staff.
•The MPAA, the movie industry group suing a streaming site for piracy, says it actually has no idea how much the movie industry loses to piracy.
•An airline staffer sues a passenger for criticizing her customer service on Twitter.

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