A couple more shutdown points

In my previous post on the shutdown, I mentioned that one of the Repub demands was that businesses should be free to exclude birth control from insurance coverage if they have religious objections.
I was wrong. The National Women’s Law Center reports they can also refuse if they have moral objections and that’s a loophole you could drive a Titan missile through. I’m sure plenty of owners would object simply because they believe birth control is only used by irresponsibile nymphomaniac sluts.
Oh, and the Obamacare provision the resolution strikes down also covers insurance for domestic-violence screening, gestational-diabetes screening, STD counseling and breastfeeding supplies. So employers could potentially opt out of all that on “moral” grounds (after all, only tramps get STDs, right?). In short, same old, same old.
On a lighter note, here’s an article on how the US media would cover the shutdown in any other nation (“The current rebellion has been led by Sen. Ted Cruz, a young fundamentalist lawmaker from the restive Texas region, known in the past as a hotbed of separatist activity.”).

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