I just can’t stop!

Posting about the shutdown again, that is.
Roy Edroso blogs about something I’ve believed for years: a lot of the fuel for conservative extremism is that when Reagan was in office, they thought they’d entered a new age of Republican rule when everything would go there way. And when Clinton got in, they learned their Golden Age had feet of clay.
Edroso also links to this truly bizarre pro-shutdown argument from Forbes columnist James Paulos, that “it’s the government that’s holding us hostage — hostage to one-time votes made in Congress for the usual farrago of not-so-idealistic reasons.”
In other words, just because Congress voted in favor of Obamacare and it’s now the law of the land, doesn’t mean they should treat it like a law. Why, that’s oppression!
Of course, it isn’t: If enough opponents get elected, Congress can vote to repeal it, as it has many laws in the past. It can vote not to fund it. But the trouble is, the opposition doesn’t have the votes, so it’s pulling this bullshit. It’s the same logic as the blogger who complained, it would be unjust and unAmerican to wait to repeal it until people actually support repeal.
And I love the “holding us hostage” bit, as if the American people were chafing for this confrontation. Likewise Paulos explains the shutdown as representing “realignments of power that reflect voters’ minds and real-world change.”
That sounds like a variation on the mandate myth: The Tea Party candidates who got into office show voters are realigning away from Obamacare. Whereas presumably Obama getting re-elected after passing the health-care legislation proves … nothing.
I am … unconvinced.

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