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Facebook complies with 79 percent of US requests for information.
•A restaurant owner kicks out a combat veteran and his service dog, believing the dog to be a fake.
•Ohio cops have been using facial recognition software to match suspects in crimes to driver’s licenses. The police say it won’t be abused; civil liberties groups are more skeptical (what if cops simply tie it to surveillance cameras and identify everyone who goes into a particular building?).
•OSHA is working on special programs for the safety of women in the construction field. While this shows the advantages of an Obama presidency (I can’t see any Repub president doing anything to help women, or to consider more regulation), it should be kept in mind his record of appointing women to the cabinet is lousy.
•Pundit Howard Kurtz writes for Fox News on the shocking, shocking fact that Washington Post publisher Bed Bradlee’s daughter-in-law shows her naked back in Facebook pictures! (You can search the Daily Howler site for some examples of past Kurtz columns).
•A depressingly familiar story: An English prosecutor calls for a light sentence for a man who slept with a 13-year-old on the grounds the girl was the sexual aggressor and she looked like she was older.
Even assuming the girl made a move of some sort, the guy should have kept it zipped. You don’t sleep with 13 year olds. Period.
•Looks like we’re adding Syria to the places we’re going to war. As Digby says, it’s a bad sign we’re not waiting for any sort of investigation.
•California considers a bill that makes it easier, not harder, to get abortions. Given the growing obstacles, this is a good thing.
•Slacktivist looks at how easily we swallow stories of Satanic cults killing animals.
•The New York Times writes on the increased clout of Hasidic Jews in city politics. Some of their requests (keep libraries open on Sundays because they can’t go Saturdays; post health warnings in places Hasidics will see them, as they don’t follow most mainstream news sources) seem very reasonable. Others—they object to bike lanes on public streets in their neighborhood—do not (yes, I realize that women wearing bike shorts goes against their religion. It’s a public street, the cyclists aren’t bound by your faith, suck it up).
•Echidne looks at problems with the concept of privilege and the risk of it being used as a tool to shut someone up or prove that their opinion is valid. I think she makes good points. I also think privilege is a useful tool in many situations, so I hope it doesn’t become as useless a term as politically correct.
•Conservative Phyliss Schafly acknowledges that laws cutting early voting are meant to cut the Democratic vote. I don’t know why this is treated as news, as Repubs have been acknowledging this agenda for a while.

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