Trapped—Between Tiredness and Tomatoes!

I’d fondly imagined myself plunging into this week with vigor. Fresh from a great vacation, with very little Demand Media work (as I did so much last month, I’m putting in more time in July on fiction and other stuff I let slide), it was going to be fun and productive. To make double-sure, I popped a Benadryl the night we got back so I’d be guaranteed a good night’s sleep.
About 15 minutes after I nodded off, the nurse from Mum’s independent-living facility called to report a problem (before anyone panics, relax. For once it was a false alarm). I’ve no idea why since it was several hours earlier; I guess the night nurse learned about it and thought I should know. And I must admit it’s better to be called than not notified—but it took me well over an hour to get back to sleep. And waking up without a full night’s sleep after knocking myself out with Benadryl leaves me groggy.
That kicked off a week of poor sleep, as I mentioned yesterday, which left me sub-par as far as writing efficiency goes.
Plus the tomato plants TYG set out on the deck a couple of months back are finally bearing fruit. Lots of fruit. As we don’t want them to go to waste, that resulted in lots of cooking. Normally I plan my cooking so as to balance good food with time constraints (really demanding meals I save for Sunday, when I’m not working). Four weeknight meals is not ideal from a time-management perspective (we do lots of leftovers) though they certainly were delicious (tomato potato casserole, bruschetta, chickpeas and tomatoes, tomato soup. More to come next week).
So definitely not as efficient as I’d hoped, particularly when I add in the teeth-cleaning trip Thursday (plans to make up for it with evening work were unavailing). But all that said, I got quite a bit done:
•I completed around 10,000 words on Brain From Outer Space. A lot of that was done by relocating pieces from the last draft earlier in the story, but I’m still pleased with my progress.
•I wrote and submitted my latest And column, on anti-shari’a laws.
•I picked up an old story I haven’t written on in a while (It’s Never Jam Today) and started one nebulously entitled “the theater story.” After finding myself bored with the musical elements of War for the Oaks, I decided fantasy needs more theater stories to balance out all the musicians (I think I’ve built up a bias against any story about buskers or people fiddling at a Ren fair). No idea where it’s going yet.
•I worked a little more on Oh, the Places You’ll Go!. The ideas just keep bubbling up on this one, which is a good sign.
•I did some research for the World War I story I started recently. Normally I frown on using writing time for research (way too easy to use up time that way) but I was too beat to do anything else.
•I applied for three different freelance gigs. All long-shots, though.
Not too bad really, but I’m preparing for a much more productive week next week. Fingers crossed!

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