When the going gets tough, the tough get links

Still dog-tired due to a major storm waking us up last night, followed by the unplugging of the more important electronics. So instead of what I had planned, just a short post of linkage, the first few all courtesy of this slacktivist round-up (worth reading for the commentary too).
•Religion Dispatches demolishes yet another claim from the religious right about the evils of same-sex marriage, including the argument (which I’ve blogged about) that tolerance is just a form of oppression. Of course his idea of intolerance is that it involves calling anti-gay activistis “bigots and intolerant and rejecting them and vilifying them.” Because calling people names is exactly like telling them they shouldn’t have the same legal rights as other Americans.
Bonus points for the argument that het marriage doesn’t discriminate, because everyone, straight or gay, is free to marry a person of the opposite sex. I have a strange feeling if the law said everyone, straight or gay, could marry a person of the same sex, he might feel put upon.
•A Wall Streeter gets fed up with his son’s volunteering at a homeless shelter so he pens an editorial explaining that this is bad, bad, bad because the existence of homeless shelters is what creates homelessness. Because, you know, of all those free riders who live the life of luxury there so they’ve got no need to die on the street—er, look for a job. And if his son would just find a good job or start a business, all the wealth would trickle down, because growing the economy always works!
Of course, as noted at the link, the economy has been growing for a while, but the bennies tend to flow to the writer and his high-income brethren, so it’s not much help. And it’s getting worse: some employers are paying in the form of fee-laden debit cards.
•A Christian blogger tells a conservative that no, he’s not adopting male-supremacists policies because feminists forced him to. Another blogger parodies the right-winger by explaining how patriarchal meanness just drove her to feminism.
•In the same vein slacktivist discusses that when you’re riding someone’s back and choking them, you don’t get to paint yourself as the good guy. Another blogger explains how not to be viewed as a religious bigot. For starters, stop assuming that the people you’re oppressing have a secret agenda to destroy you (actually that’s not the starter it’s #10)


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