I’ve got links in low places

First off, my new And column is up, about the myth that everything would be fine if Obama would just be more bipartisan.
The Atlantic argues that unpaid internships are a problem, and not just for spoiled rich people. The article holds that it’s not that different from when it was OK to pay married women less because they didn’t “need” the money.
•More accounts of “Republican outreach from Slacktivist. And here’s an analysis of how the GOP became the party fighting civil rights.
•LGM links to some problems with biofuels.
•An Alabama legislator claims a baby is the largest organ in a woman’s body.
•More on conservative analysis of Downton Abbey by Alicublog. More culture war discussion here.
•In another Alicublog post, he catches Victor David Hanson comparing people who save (good) to government workers who get pensions (losers). Because pensions, in his eyes, are apparently some kind of charity given to sycophants who wasted their money instead of saving. George Will has said the same about union pensions, dismissing them as “welfare.”
Not quite. Pensions are something you get in return for work, no different from salary in that regard. The fact the benefits don’t come immediately doesn’t change that. I’ve never heard Will suggest that golden parachutes for CEOS (even when they do bad work) is welfare. Nor do I expect to.
•Digby looks at some of the effects of pro-gun activism. For example, after 9/11 the government looked at voter registration, immigration and driver’s license lists to check for terrorists but flatly ruled out the ATF looking at gun registration.
•A Catholic cardinal involved in the pedophile cover-ups says he’s asking God to forgive people who criticize the church.
•Right-wingers continue to freak out about women not breeding enough. I’ve covered this before, but here’s a new wrinkle: Conservative religious people have more babies, so if women don’t voluntarily go back to being stay-at-home moms, the demographic wave will impose laws that make them do it! Hah, they’re screwed now! Echidne also discusses how any talk of solutions (day-care, better pay) is short-circuited by blaming it on female selfishness.
•Ross Douthat argues that most right-to-lifers really support gender equality. The surveys he sites do nothing to prove that (neither does it fit any of my experiences). And fellow NYT columnist David Brooks asserts (you have to click through a couple of ways) that data really isn’t very important (hmm, maybe because it doesn’t support his opinions?). As one of the links points out, Brooks is quite happy citing stats he likes, but frequently gets them wrong.
•A Georgia legislator demands we make vulgar Photoshopping illegal because the First Amendment doesn’t give you a right to make fun of anyone (actually, yes, it does).
•A home owner tries to get a mortgage adjusted so her payments are lower. Thanks to Bank of America, it ends up costing her more.
•The reason cliches about women being too emotional endure is that men’s emotionalism doesn’t register.
•If Wisconsin’s state investigators find something wrong in a nursing home, it can’t be used as evidence in a court case.
•Conservative Sandy Rios is horrified that Obama thinks non-Christians have the same standing as Christians do (“it’s like we’re all equal, of equal proportion, and we are not”).
•The NYT continues to worry that South America elects leftists.
Yoga pants: Men proclaim them Too Sexy.
•Bilgrimage argues that if Catholic hospitals want to take government money, they abide by government rules—for example, not turning away rape victims. I’m also in agreement with Slacktivist’s conclusion that you don’t have to be a bigot to resent black/gay/nonChristian political power. All it takes is believing in a zero sum game where the more freedom other people get, the less you have.

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