And a good time was had by all!

Wrapping up a very good week, despite the miserable start.
Every Day Fiction accepted my rewrite of Heads Up! I’ll announce it loudly when it finally comes out (should be in the next couple of months).
•I got the payment for The Wodehouse Murder Case (still online). After two months of unpleasantly low income, I’m back to what I think of as normal. It’s amazing how pleasant that feels (not just because of the story—with no sickness distracting me, I’m getting more Demand Media articles done).
•The Brass website accepted one of my article pitches, so I’ll be delivering that next month.
•I rewrote Affairs of Honor and I’m really pleased with out. We’ll see what the beta-readers make of it.
•I did another draft of Mise-en-Scene, and it’s definitely getting closer to what I want it to be. I still need some underlying rationale, though—right now, the McGuffin is about one step from a deus ex machina (even though it’s not actually used).
•I completed my (very) rough rewrite of Mage’s Masquerade. I think once I finally polish it (which will be a while) it’s going to look much more sellable (for reasons I’ve described).
•I finally started another draft of my flash-fiction story The Day The Rabbits Started Eating People. I have a glimmer of how to improve it, not much more. But it’ll come, eventually.
And for Demand Media:
•How Are Taxes Collected on Early IRA Distributions?
•Why Does the Federal Government Collect Taxes?
•What Is the Meaning of the Real Estate Term Pre-foreclosure Short Sale?
•Is Employer-Paid Health Insurance Taxable?
•What Happens to Your IRA When You Leave the U.S.?
•Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?
•What a Copyright or Trademark Covers
•Minimizing Taxes on IRA RMDs
•Does the Homeowner Go to Court for a Foreclosure?
•What If You Get a Terrible FHA Home Appraisal?
•Taxes on a Lump Sum Payment From a 401(k)
•How to Make Your Next Trip a Tax Write-Off
•Is Interest on a Minor’s Bank Accounts Taxable ?
•Are You Required to Report IRA Accounts on Income Tax?
•Can I Add Money to a Traditional IRA After a 401(k) Rollover?
•Income Taxes for Living in Two States
•Is Mortgage Interest or Charitable Giving the Highest Tax Deduction?
•Trademark Registration Protection
•What Is the Meaning of Compilation on Copyright?
•If You Trademark Your Company Name Can You Get the Domain From a Cybersquatter?
•Do You Have to Be an American Citizen to Own an LLC?
•What Is a Homeowners Insurance Depreciation?
•Are Confidentiality Agreements Legal After Termination?
•Tax Questions for a Second Home

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