A jam-packed week with a little too much jam

I’m fully recovered from the virus that was dragging me down last week, so yay! Unfortunately, playing catch-up on what I didn’t get done left me really swamped this week. I kept working late in the evening, shortening lunch and in general wearing myself down.
Last month, I complimented myself on how efficient I was working on my latest Raleigh Public Record story. Last week, however, everything slowed down and work on the story seeped into this week. And I lost my efficiency mojo, so a lot of time went to getting it written.
The good news is, my editor really liked it and said it flowed well. You can check it out on the RPR website. It’s about a Colonial-era Raleigh house that’s being picked up in one piece to relocate on a nearby street, out of the way of development.
In other news, Leave the World to Darkness and I Think, Therefore I Die came back, but I got a “please rewrite and resubmit” request for Heads Up! The critiques of what was wrong with it were mostly sound, so even if they turn the rewrite down, it’ll be better for it.
•I rewrote Affairs of Honor and I really like it now. It’s still dreadfully downbeat at the end, but the story holds together, it has drama, the magical elements work—next draft we’ll be moving into the polishing stage (it needs quite a bit of polish though). I’m going to show it to the writing group at one of the next two meetings.
•I finished redrafting Mise-en-Scene, which is at a much rougher stage. It works better—I’ve amped up the McGuffin to be something worth killing for—but I really have no underlying logic for why things work the way they do. That’ll be part of the next draft.
•I rewrote Tale Spinners and started a rewrite of Mage’s Masquerade. I reread the latter story and it can be improved with a few more scenes to build character. I was trying to keep it under 5,000 words, but longer and better is preferable to shorter and weaker.
•On impulse I batted out the first draft of a new and extremely odd super-hero story, According to His Abilities. And then I flew in flying cars. This one will take some work.
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