Link Before You Leap

Italian judges have convicted an intelligence official for kidnapping an innocent man to be tortured and interrogated on the US’ behalf. As Glenn Greenwald says at the link, that’s not something we’re seeing happen to US officials (the US worked very hard and successfully to stop Italy from prosecuting the CIA officers responsible for the crime).
•Drone pilots will qualify for a medal better than the Bronze Star. I’m inclined to agree with Digby, pushing buttons and having drones blow up people hundreds of miles away does not a hero make.
•Speaking of drones, even though John Brennan discusses them in his confirmation hearing, they’re still officially classified—which is the Obama administration’s excuse for refusing to divulge any information about them. Except when it wants to leak them. Seriously, as Greenwald (again) says, it’s nuts.
•Obama created a commission on the deficit, but not one on unemployment. Demos says it’s simple: The rich “donor class” stands to gain more from tax cuts and deficit reduction than the majority of Americans, who benefit in a recession from increased government spending (and overwhelmingly favor job creation over deficit cutting).
•Georgia wants a state law that would ban towns from creating their own broadband if pretty much anyone could get any signal off a commercial network. Unsurprisingly, the Internet providers who aren’t servicing the towns are pushing hard to eliminate government competition anyway.
•Sen. Elizabeth Warren seems to be living up to her billing as a consumer-protection advocate, asking financial regulators if they’ve ever brought a major bank or brokerage to trial instead of settling the case (the answer appears to be no).
•When the Defense Department screams about how it’ll be castrated by defense cuts, they’re exaggerating a touch.

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