You really can’t make this stuff up

Case in point: A New Mexico legislator has come up with a new excuse to make rape victims bear the babies: It’s evidence of a crime, so if they get an abortion instead of giving birth, they’re destroying evidence. I’m willing to bet that Rep. Cathrynn Brown is not going to suggest the state pick up the ob/gyn bills, and I’ll bet money she doesn’t think people who get shot should go without getting their wounds treated. Brown insists her goal is to punish rapists who force their victims to abort, but you know what? You could make that a crime without forcing the woman to bear the baby (even Bobby Jindal’s policies in Louisiana make more sense). It seems like one more link in the chain sexists want to throw around pregnant women.
•Waah! John Boehner is whinging that Obama’s (gasp!) proposing policies Repubs don’t support: “he knows he can’t do any of that as long as the House is controlled by Republicans … so we’re expecting over the next 22 months to be the focus of this administration as they attempt to annihilate the Republican Party.”
This ranks with David Brooks’ argument that by proposing moderate policies, Obama is actually being an aggressive partisan. Once again, Repubs and sock-puppets such as Brooks are doubling down—apparently anything Obama does that doesn’t conform to Republican wishes is aggressive, ruthless politicking. It’s a shame the Dems have decided not to kill the filibuster.
•Virginia, meanwhile, is considering allocating votes by Congressional district, which would give more strength to rural districts with scanty population (and which tend to be white, conservative and Republican) and reduce the voting power of big cities and suburbs—which the measure’s sponsor says is part of the intent.
If this had been in place last election, Obama would not have won Virginia, which, you know, might have something to do with the proposal … and, of course, there’s the conviction that white rural Americans are the Real Americans, not like those decadent liberals and gays and nonwhite people in cities.
•In the same vein, conservative Michael Gerson is horrified that Obama says vile things about how Republicans want to restrict the right to vote, cut back on support for seniors and the disabled, don’t believe in climate change and don’t support women’s efforts toward equality. Understandably, Mr. Gerson doesn’t actually weigh the merits of Obama’s criticisms, because he’d have to admit they’re true.
•Echidne on lifting the ban on women in combat.
•Slacktivist discusses a subject I’ve touched on recently, that the real origin for the religious right was the fight against integration, not abortion. Which does not mean everyone who’s right-to-life is a racist, any more than everyone who supports Planned Parenthood agrees with Margaret Saenger’s eugenicist views.
•Digby points out that no matter how much the Republicans try to hype the Benghazi attack as the latest 9/11, it’s just one more terrorist incident. And considerably less lethal to Americans than our war in Iraq was.
•Why Wall Street isn’t in jail.
•Rush Limbaugh claims that the Civil Rights movement would have worked better if they’d packed heat. This ignores that nonviolence was a deliberate tactic—they chose nonviolence because they knew it would highlight the brutality of Jim Crew. It also pretends that if they had been armed, Limbaugh would have supported them. No way to prove it without a time machine, but the Black Panthers were armed and I don’t recall a huge groundswell of right-wing support …


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