Trapped between headaches—and hellhounds!

(Just kidding about the hellhounds, but it did make for some nice alliteration, didn’t it?).
Contrary to the impression my posts about time management may give, I’m not actually a slave driver.
If it’s a holiday, I don’t try to work or make up the time later in the week (I have read articles by writers who positively brag they never take a day off). If I’m sick, same applies. Which is how I ended up not getting much done this week.
As I mentioned Monday, I’ve been having some really bad headaches lately. My doctor didn’t think it would be serious but recommended an MRI just in case. The result? They found an aneurysm. My GP immediately began making calls to get me a neurosurgery appointment.
I’m sure you can appreciate this negated any ability to focus on work. My thoughts were more along the line of:
•OMG, how bad is my current headache? Is it bad enough I should go to the hospital before this thing ruptures?
•OMG, someone’s going to have to cut my head open to save my life!
•OMG, if I end up in the hospital Friday, those carrots I bought this week will be rotten by the time I’m strong enough to cook them!
•Oh, well, at least if I’m too weak to do anything else I can watch movies! Let’s look at what’s in my Netflix streaming queue!
I think I’d have been a complete basket-case without TYG here to lean on. But she’s wonderful, even though she’s down with a bug herself.
Thursday, we went to the neurosurgeon and it turns out I’m not in imminent mortal peril. It’s a tiny enough aneurysm that a)it may not be there at all; b)if it is, it would be virtual malpractice to open my head for something 3.5 millimeters across. It’s quite possible it’s been in my head for years, and it shouldn’t keep me from doing anything I wish to do. I’m getting a retest in six months to see if it’s grown, but otherwise everything is groovy.
Well, almost. Still got the headaches, but my doctor says prescription painkillers may do the trick. I have another appointment Monday.
So anyway, I’m treating this as one big week of sick leave and not beating myself up about everything I didn’t do. Well, I did manage one thing: I rewrote the opening of one of my shorts, Leave The World to Darkness. One of the editors who’d turned it down said it was good, but the beginning dragged. He may have a point, so I cut out the opening scene with Thomas Edison and the bad guy and instead lead off with reporter Aggie Baxter and her somewhat bemused boyfriend Rod Delacourt (“of the Delaware Delacourts”). It does work better and it forces me to work in some of the exposition in the original opening later, and more smoothly. I’ll give it one more check next week to make sure I’m satisfied.
And I did do a fair amount of Demand articles. It’s still going to hurt the bottom line, but not as badly as it might have.
•Can My Insurance Company Drop My Homeowners After One Claim?
•Verification Paperwork Required by Mortgage Home Lenders
•Who Gets to Claim Mortgage Interest Deductions in the Year of a Divorce?
•How Much Will I Have to Pay in Taxes on My 401(k) at 70 Years Old?
•401(k) Mortgage Loan Rules
•How to Buy Preferred Shares of Stock
•The Taxes That Affect Real Estate Investments
•If I Order a Credit Card in My Wife’s Name Is It Considered Marital Property?
•What if You Buy a House With an Undisclosed Leak?
•Can a Roth IRA Be Closed at Any Time?
•Does Your Severance Pay Count Towards Putting You in a Higher Tax Bracket?
•Difference in a Profit Sharing Plan and an IRA
•How Long Do You Pay Mortgage Insurance on an FHA Loan?
•A Divorced Spouse’s Rights to Federal Employee’s Retirement
•Is It Necessary to Keep a Rollover IRA Separate From a Traditional IRA?
•Is Probate Inheritance Taxable?
•IRS Reporting Requirements for a Short Sale in Real Estate


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