Good linking to you, and to all of your kin

You know the right-wing myth that rapists can’t get women pregnant? Here’s a judge who claims that rape is physically impossible because the woman’s body just naturally shuts off unwanted sex—which was his rationale for cutting a 16-year sentence to six years.
•You may also remember when the TSA forced a mastectomy survivor to remove her artificial breast (and on getting flak, started discussing how if fake breasts aren’t screened, only outlaws will have fake breasts or something like that). Here they are picking on a 12-year-old in a wheelchair.
•In the continuing Republican effort to explain away their defeat, Glenn Reynolds suggests that women’s magazines brainwash ignorant women to think liberal. A rising politico explains it’s because Repubs didn’t double-down and fight harder against contraception, abortion and gay marriage.
•A Washington Post columnist accuses her paper of not covering a new play by conservative Roger Simon—ignoring, of course, that she’s covering it in the paper. Oh, and it hasn’t even been cast yet. But clearly the WaPo is engaging in crushing conservative art.
•Slacktivist says that if the right doesn’t want to be judged by its haters, they should stop kissing the haters’ butts.
This Ruthless World on why she has a housekeeper.
•The Hathor Legacy on the claim that if more women would give it up, lonely men wouldn’t have to rape (some thoughts of mine on this topic here).
•Slacktivist suggests the one thing right-wing Islam, Judaism and Christianity can agree on is that women have cooties.

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