Happiness is a warm gun

That’s the title of my new And column, on the myth that “well if the killer didn’t have a gun he’d use something else so there’s no point to gun control.”
In the same spirit:
•Roy Edroso reviews the right-blogger reaction to the Newton shooting.
•Robert Neilsen responds to the “we need more guns, not less” argument (another good post here). Digby points out that if that were the solution, we’d be there by now. More from LGM.
•Echidne of the Snakes weighs in.
•Digby looks at the NRA’s clout–which even extends to repressing research on gun violence.
•Slacktivist quotes from several more gun discussions.
•As for how gun ownership will free us from tyranny … LGM adds more and here.
•LGM looks at increasingly nutty arguments that it isn’t the guns. Including Ann Althouse’ claim that the dead mother might have been behind it.
•And as LGM (again) notes, people who squeal that gun critics are “politicizing” the tragedy are doing just that.
•I don’t think problems with the mental health system mean the guns are irrelevant, but they are an issue.

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