And on the seventh day, he linked

Some interesting alternate proposals for a DC Reboot, courtesy of Aaron Diaz.
Although the election is over, this look at how Bain Capital makes millions—buy companies using debt, collect profits, leave the company to file bankruptcy because it can’t pay off the debt—is, as author Matt Taibibi notes, still common enough on Wall Street. It confirms my view trusting Romney with the federal budget is the equivalent of taking health tips from a tapeworm (that being said, trying to read something significant into Romney’s lack of accent is just sillhy)
•Ta-Nehisi Coates looks at Obama’s presidency and suggests it’s possible, in part, because he’s not only “twice as good” but “half as black”—meaning that to succeed as a black man at the national level, de-emphasizing race is essential (as witness the freakout when Obama said that “if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon.”). While I do believe a lot of the crap flung at Obama would exist in some form if he were white, Coates makes the point that it’s present form (and the quantity) is influenced by race.
•Ana Mardoll blogs about cultural appropriation and the use of Wicca in fiction.So it ties in with this post of mine.
•Some time back, I linked to a discussion of going back on the gold standard. Robert Nielsen also thinks it’s a bad idea.
•There’s no war on Christmas. And saying “merry Christmas” or the equivalent isn’t a war on atheism either.
•What happens when urban farms become big farms?
•Raising the Social Security retirement age is not a heroic act. Of course, we can always find money to expand the drug war.
•Pundit Joe Klein argues that killing children in drone strikes is acceptable because it keeps our own children safe.
•A Forbes columnist claims that criticizing the 1 percent is no different from racism.
•Companies pressure pharmacies to refill prescriptions without you asking.
•A cop tasers a child who didn’t want to wash the cop’s car.
•Slacktivist explains civil disobedience. The religious right misunderstands.
•From Ireland, a woman dies because she can’t get an abortion. Even though she was miscarrying. More discussion here.
Believe me, plenty of right-to-lifers (not, I think, all) would consider the doctors made the right call. You can catch it when activists say that of course the doctor should try to save both patients—if the baby dies despite his best efforts, no-one can blame him. Implicit in that, I think, is that if the doctor actually saves the mother’s life with an abortion, he’s a bloody-handed killer.
•A Christian remembers the time he did a hatchet-job of character assassination on an evangelist with the “wrong” views.

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