A weekend with my sister

It’s been fun (she leaves later today). We went out to the movies, shopped a little, had a mutual friend over to visit and went out to dinner with TYG. We also discussed where Mum and her partner go next, after their current living situation becomes unworkable (hopefully before it becomes unworkable). My sister’s done some awesome research on our options, but the cost of anywhere decent is a major obstacle—it will probably kill a really good candidate (close to where I live, nice place, decent food).
Oh, I should clarify: Plans for Mum and Partner to move to Portland are in limbo at the moment. Figuring out what they want to do is … difficult (they change their minds a lot) and figuring out something practical they’d like to do is tougher still (I think they’d be happy going back to Ft.Walton Beach where we used to live and buying a house again but it’s Not Possible). It’s easier with my sis here to help, but it’s not easy by a long shot.
All that being said, let’s have some links!
•Geneticists are working on making permanent, inheritable genetic changes to human embryos. Despite the admittedly scary potential, I know someone with the kind of disease this project is working on, so I’d like to say curing it would be fabulous.
•Doping in sports, particularly bicycling, discussed (and discussed well) by the London Review of Books.
•On nostalgia for Native Americans (and unions) after they’re gone.
•A reminder that while Hostess blames union wages for its collapse, it didn’t think tripling CEO pay was significant (related link here).
•Israel’s success with a missile-defense system does not mean America’s efforts in that direction are going to work (I wrote an And column on a similar topic).
•Robert Nielsen on the things we don’t know, and why that makes an unregulated free market dangerous (you may not know if your new employer is good, but at least there are legal limits on what he can do to you).
•Bank of America proves reluctant (to understate the case) to believe one of their customers is dead.
•Filmmaker Ken Burns joins the pundits who insist that poor people need to get some skin in the game and make sacrifices to balance the budget. Of course, as Digby points out, nobody suggests that paying $256,000 per officer to equip a SWAT squad in a 29,000 person town (with no history of hostage crises or terrorist events) is a budget issue.
•Opposition to using contraceptives firms up among conservative evangelicals.
•Law-school professor and legal education critic Paul Campos spells out his argument that we have way too many law-school graduates.
•Glenn Greenwald reminds us of how harshly the US has treated Bradley Manning, an American soldier accused (but not convicted) of funneling documents to Wikileaks.
•A couple of links on the Senate Republicans’ opposition to an international treaty on rights of the disabled. I suspect part of the opposition has less to do with disability rights than a general suspicion treaties are an evil scheme by the (non-existent) one-world government run out of the United Nations to tie down the United States and take away our freedom (believe me, this is not the first Treaties are Bad argument I’ve encountered on the right).


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