I need a nap

A very productive day of proofing Impossible Takes a Little Longer, writing ehows and unpacking more books to go on the new shelves. But I have to drive to my writing group in a little over an hour, so I need a nap first.
So, without further ado, here’s some links:
•Segregation in schools is getting worse.
•A reminder that abortion does not cause cancer or depression and emergency contraception is not an abortion drug.
•A study finds that given identical resumes, a Jennifer application is much less likely to get a job interview than a John.
•Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren did not engage in the unlicensed practice of law.
•Creationists try to ignore the existence of feathered dinosaurs. They’re also none too happy with Dr. Pepper for using evolutionary images in this ad.
•The US drone program has kids staying home from school, Afghanis canceling tribal meetings and aid workers reluctant to help the injured. A very grim look at some of our actions overseas.
This Romney supporter has a simple explanation for such ethical problems: Everyone in Iraq was a terrorist, so whatever we did to them is justified. Oh, and we should execute the parents of illegitimate children to keep people from having babies they can’t afford. No, I’m not making this up. Slacktivist discusses the article here.
•Despite Romney’s poor performance as a candidate, the power of the religious right to get out the vote should not be underestimated.

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