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First off, I have a new And column out, on a topic I’ve touched on here once or twice, the traditional-values conservative belief that marriage and male/female relations haven’t changed in all human history until crazy liberals started pushing crap like gay marriage and feminism.
•Fundamentalist textbooks distort history just like they do science. Did you know the bad thing about the slave trade is that it made Africans suspicious of white missionaries so converting them to Christianity got tougher?
•Rape/abuse apologists, the Catholic version: A priest explains all those sex scandals were the result of the boys seducing innocent male priests. (original link here). And that sort of thing didn’t use to be treated criminally, so why would the church have fussed about it.
In addition to the blame-the-victim element, the idea that man-boy sex wouldn’t have been a big deal in the 1950s or 1960s (or even twenty years ago) is laughable. As witness the story of this blackmail ring.
•Slacktivist advises us on how not to be jerks. Here he asks what it would mean if Jesus had been married.
•Why not check if men are married before agreeing to subsidize their Viagra?
•Glenn Greenwald suggests that the White House knew perfectly well it wasn’t an anti-Islam movie that triggered the terrorist attacks in Libya—blaming the movie just plays better to our agenda.
•A former drone operator argues they’re a bad idea.
•Paul Krugman thinks that even if Romney realized the 47 percent were hardworking and paid taxes, he’d still look down on them. I agree: The idea executives and corporate owners are a superior breed of being runs deep in the Repub psyche. This article concludes that cutting taxes on investment doesn’t actually produce miracles of economic growth. LGM adds its own spin.
•Hullabaloo discusses shifting the goalposts on religious issues.

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