All things considered, the week went well

Admittedly I do feel slightly exhausted. Helping out TYG and dealing with various people knocking on the front door (Orkin man, bookshelf delivery guys, siding contractor) cut into my usual down time and slowed me down—not so much the cumulative time but the disruption of constant little interruptions. Of course, as the one at home, I’ve always dealt with contractors when they show up, but we don’t usually have this many in one week.
Peace With Honor looks very good. I’ll send it to some friends for critiquing over the weekend and find out if it’s as good as I think it is.
•I started the final revisions of Impossible Takes a Little Longer. I printed it up Monday, and read through Chapter Five aloud. Reading it in hard copy always forces me to make final, definite decisions about what needs fixing. Reading it aloud forces me to catch and notice every word.
Kernel of Truth and And He Bought a Crooked Cat came back with form rejections (sigh). Three other stories went out. I’m not surprised by Kernel (I thought it was a long shot) but I had higher hopes for Crooked Cat this time.
This week’s eHows (and I’m very pleased that I kept my quota up, I should note)
•Must I File a Tax Return for Social Security Income Under $25,000?
•Are Social Security Taxes Figured on Gross or Net Profit?
•Can You Write Off Getting Robbed on Your Taxes?
•Is a Car Donation Made in Michigan Tax Deductible?
•The Pros and Cons of Investing in an Apartment to Rent
•Can I Get My Overpaid Property Taxes Back?
•Is It a Crime if My Spouse Opened a Joint Bank Account Without My Consent?
•Tax Rules for Novelists
•How to Enforce a Promissory Note
•What Is a Mortgage Custodian?
•What Is the Percentage of Federal Taxes Withheld From Retirement Benefits?
•How to Get Tax Deductible Status for a Donated Item
•Can a Family Member Add You to an FHA Mortgage by a Quitclaim Deed?
•Is the College Tuition Paid by Parents Taxable?
•What Level of Adjusted Gross Income Does the Alternative Tax Factor In?
•Are Children Responsible for Deceased Parents’ Credit Card Debt?
•Tax Deductions on Meal & Entertainment Expenses

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