Respect black rights by firing Obama!

According to George Will, the real proof African-Americans have achieved racial equality will be if white America votes for Romney.
Will’s logic: Obama is a dreadful president; b)therefore, the only reason anyone votes for him is because he’s black; c)not being willing to cut black Americans any slack is proof we’re treating them as equals; d)so we should treat Obama as we would any other failure and dump him.
In other words, anyone who thinks the voters opposing Obama are bigots or anti-black is wrong. Blacks have an advantage because white guilt makes us soft on them. In short, he’s affirming the right-wing myth that conservatives are the true anti-racists.
In other pundit babble:
•Charles Pierce eviscerates David Brooks. He’s very good at doing it too.
•Steven Pearlstein, a WaPo columnist, argued a couple of years ago that working-class Americans should get their pay cut for the greater good, but if he gets a pay cut, that’s socialist tyranny. He also thinks that “increases in taxes or decreases in employment and income of government workers” and massive cuts in benefits for Social Security are all good too if they bring down the deficit. CEPR demolishes Pearlstein’s grasp of economics.
•Echidne (an economist by training) shows how easy it is to milk a product’s reputation while undercutting it. If a product that used to last 10 years only lasts five, it’s going to be several years before anyone finds out, after all …
•Glenn Greenwald points out that the US worries about Iran getting nukes because of the potential it will attack, but because then we can’t attack them. As witness that Libya gave up its nukes and we sided with the rebels; North Korea is armed and dangerous and we back off.
•Even if I hadn’t been reading SF about the dangers of computers for years, I wouldn’t be comfortable with drones programmed to decide for themselves who to kill. To paraphrase one writer on computers, that assumes that the programmers figured out exactly what the drones need to do, that they’ve written the program to do the right things and that they didn’t make any errors in coding the program. That’s a lot of assumptions.
•Despite the Romney/Ryan claims about parasites and moochers, the majority of government benefits, by far, go to the elderly and the disabled. Bloomberg Business Week scoffs at the claims federal money is handouts rather than badly needed financial support.
•Employers aren’t enthused about graduates from online colleges.
•A professor argues that black swans—totally unexpected events—wouldn’t be so unexpected if we took a broader perspective.
•David Barton lends his support to claims the First Amendment doesn’t protect pagans and Wiccans. More on Barton’s claims about American history (all wrong, in support of a theocratic agenda) here and in one of these links.
•I did a scene in a play once where a douchebag bosses makes the holiday party mandatory and forces employee to pay to attend. Not so funny: A real boss forces employees to take unpaid leave in order to show up at a Romney event.
•More odd items from the Republican platform. But you’ll be pleased to know Repubs want to treat soldiers with “respect and dignity”—by not allowing gays to serve openly.
Collusion between the NYT reporter who covers the CIA and the CIA itself.
•I’ve discussed the problems with fact-checking before—specifically, the fact reporters don’t seem to want to do it. Here, CNN reporters try to avoid acknowledging a Paul Ryan speech includes lots of bullshit (“There will be issues with some of the facts.”). Oh, and Time argues that while Obama sticks closer to the truth than Romney, that just proves he’s a better liar.

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