Seduced by those boxes

So I decided at lunch I’d just open and shelve the contents of a couple of boxes … after about two hours, I’d opened a lot more than a couple. Which was productive, but not as far as work goes. So between that and having to transcribe tapes of some interviews (I HATE transcribing, though I’ve no idea why), I’m running very late. So it’s just links today.
•Paul Campos suggests that when Rick Santorum claims the smart people won’t vote Republican, he’s engaging in an old form of anti-intellectualism. I’ve expressed similar thoughts to Campos in the past.
I was much amused by Santorum’s assertion that “We will never have the elite smart people on our side, because they believe they should have the power to tell you what to do.” This is, after all, a man who claims that government should be able to decide whether you can use birth control and what sexual acts you perform in the bedroom (as I’ve discussed). But he’s not the only conservative I’ve heard argue that it’s The Other Side that wants to dictate things.
•Right-wing bloggers freak out over recent events in the Mideast. Glenn Greenwald discusses related free-speech issues.
•Administrators in the Boy Scouts covered up cases of sexual abuse in the organization.
•A very good analysis of how equality can feel like oppression to the privileged. See my post here for more, or John Scalzi’s superb post on the topic.
•Speaking of that Islamic film that touched off the unrest in the Mideast, here’s a reminder that some Christians get pretty hostile when their deity gets mocked.
•Digby points out that welfare reform did not kill welfare as a political issue. I agree.
•The media are shocked, shocked and appalled that Mideast Muslims don’t appreciate all the nice stuff we do for them.
•A victory for freedom, at least in a lower court: Arbitrary detention gets struck down. Unfortunately it seems Wells Fargo isn’t getting arrested for sending people to take a family’s property (because it was a mistake). And Guantanamo prisoners still don’t have justice.
•David Barton insists the Constitution uses quotes straight out of the Bible. He’s wrong.
•The NYT gives the mayor’s side in the Chicago teacher’s strike, and stops there.
•Echidne refutes the myth men are turning into big losers.
•A professor breast-feeds her infant in class. Chaos ensues! As the article notes, the student who found this wildly unprofessional during the lecture thought there was nothing unstudious about tweeting and FBing during class.
•NYT editor says that just because there’s no evidence of in-person voter fraud being a current problem, that doesn’t mean an article on voter fraud charges should get all biased and point this out.
•Oh, and the Washington press corps just hates it when politicians make speeches with substance.
•Now a secular business is demanding the right not to let its insurance cover birth control.
•Our government shields a possible foreign war criminal.
•Remember the predictions that the military would collapse if gays could serve openly? They were wrong.
•And a new low in right-to-life politics: God doesn’t like abortions so if you have one he’ll give your next baby a disability. That will show you!


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