Mauled by moving! or is it Pummeled by packing!

We move into our new house Tuesday. Even though we started packing several months back (we have a lot of books, DVDs, etc.), there are things we can’t pack until now, mostly in the kitchen, and a lot of them have to be packed delicately. So it’s been busy. And it’s kicking my butt, particularly with me going somewhat insomniac this week (a common problem when I have a big deadline).
Between that and my efforts to do extra eHows so I can take most of next week off, my mind eventuallty started balking at all the stuff I was doing. Last night I’d planned to do some eHow corrections but instead I just flipped on YouTube and started browsing old 1980s music videos. It was, happily, very relaxing (more for the satisfaction of not accomplishing anything than the actual content).
That being said, this was a good week for writing. My Monster Earth story finally came together; it still needs multiple revisions but I have the story and the two principal characters (controllers for both the North Vietnamese and the US kaiju). And this is the first draft where the monster’s get enough action I feel it’s going to pass muster. My goals in order, are to tighten the plot, flesh out the background detail and then check all the military elements, ranks, etc. and make sure those are accurate.
EHows for the week (again mostly for
•How to Search for Money Left by Family Members
•How Does Insurance Work?
•Tax Deductible Medical Expenses for Qualifying Relatives
•How Much of Personal Commuting Expenses Can You Claim?
•Can You Refinance a 1st Mortgage & Still Keep a Home Equity Loan?
•How Much Time Is Allowed to Refile Taxes?
•Do People Have to File If They Do Not Owe Taxes?
•Do You Get All Your Interest on Your Mortgage Back on Taxes?
•Maximum Non-Cash Deduction for Income Taxes
•How to Write an Apartment Sublet Lease
•What Are Royalty Checks?
•What Happens If You Have a Car Accident & Have No Insurance?
•Can Home Equity Interest Be Deducted from Income Tax?
•Can a Beneficiary Waive Their Rights to an Inherited IRA to Another Person?
•Does Head-of-Household Require a Child?
•Can I Claim My Parents on My Tax Return if I Insure Them?
•FEMA Flood Insurance Requirements
•How Much Can You Deduct When You’re Married & Have One Dependent?
•How Much Income Can Be Earned Before You Pay Taxes?
•Are Tools an Expense on Income Tax?
•Are Annuities Taxable Income?
•Laws on Real Estate Insurance Escrow Accounts
•Is the Rent Taxable if I Buy a Second House & Rent It?
•Tax Deductions for Donating to a University
•Can You Buy & Sell Gold Tax-Free?
•Can a Lien Be Placed on My House for a Spouse’s Debt?
I also got an advance review e-copy of Lyndon Perry’s novelette, Ulemet and the Jaguar God (details here). I look forward to reading it once we’ve gotten the basic unpackings (the kitchen, some clothes) done.
Now, touching on themes from the previous couple of posts, here are more discussions of crappy fact-checking. Plus Rush Limbaugh proclaiming Obama isn’t really black. And for sexism, here’s a creepy account of one slimeball harassing a female blogger.

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