I was going to say “Vanquished by Virus” but I wasn’t really vanquished …

The cold I acquired from TYG last weekend left me quite wiped out Tuesday and not that great Wednesday. Still, I feel quite pleased overall—if not vindicated, certainly not vanquished.
I completed my eHow quota and devoted the rest of my writing time to the Monster Earth story, Peace With Honor. It still doesn’t hold together but after I went over my second draft I started to see all kinds of potential: Characters, settings, plot elements that will make it work (I hope). I’ll try them out in next week’s redraft.
I also took a little more time to work on my elves-in-the-south story Southern Discomfort and a redraft of Bro’s Before Ho’s which is finally close to working. Though I think the changes I’ve made will necessitate changing the title.
As for the month as a whole, I didn’t complete all my writing goals, but I finished more than half of them—that’s a big improvement over the past couple of months. And I easily passed my financial goals, so that’s very good. I know I won’t do as well next month, between the move and another round of surgery for TYG, but I’ll scale down my agenda accordingly.
This week’s ehows (almost all on a website called The Nest)
•What Happens to Employee Retirement Plans When a Company Goes Bankrupt?
•Advantages and Disadvantages of Podcasting
•The Difference Between Restricted Stock and Stock
•How Long Do You Have to File if the Government Owes You Taxes?
•Can a Spouse Be Sued for Her Husband’s Debt?
•How Much Are Taxes on an IRA Inheritance?
•Tax Law on Claiming Tips
•How Much Taxes Are Taken Out of Bonuses?
•What Is the Purpose of a 1099 Tax Form?
•Can I Find Out How Much I Will Get Back on My Taxes Without My W-2s?
•Can You Get a Tax Credit If You Have to Have a Second Residence Closer to Work?
•Can I Claim Head of Household If Someone Else Claimed My Child?
•What Occurs When Many People Withdraw Their Money From a Bank at One Time?
•Can You Write Off Uncollectible Debts on Your Taxes?
•Can Taxes Be Filed As Married Filing Separately Without a Separation Agreement?
•Does Insurance Cover Negligence?
•The Definition of Gross Receipts for a Rental Property

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