When links last in the courtyard bloomed–

Following up on yesterday’s post about rape apologist Todd Akins, Amanda Marcotte argues that abortion bans with a rape exception would be almost as effective as a complete ban. Raw Story lists the countries that have abortion laws as bad as the GOP wants. An Esquire writer asks why Todd Akin should step aside (as a number of Repubs have called for) when he did, after all, win the election.
•In case you’ve forgotten, for many conservatives birth control is as dangerous as abortion.
New York Magazine speculates why Washington isn’t worried about high unemployment.
•A journalist asserts that fact-checking is all very nice, but who really cares if politicians lie? And AP identifies a white supremacist group as a “white rights group.”
•Newsweek brushes off factual errors in a Niall Ferguson article by explaining the magazine doesn’t fact-check (Ta-Nehisi Coates laments that writing bullshit won’t penalize Ferguson’s career. Brad DeLong points out the weakness of Ferguson’s defense).
•Speaking of journalism, it seems there’s a growing practice among politicians that even if they talk to you, you have to get approval to use the quote.
•Yet another conservative explains poverty is the fault of the poor.
•One writer points out the difference between white violence and nonwhite violence: Nobody thinks white shooting indicates something is wrong with white people (and as you’ll see in the comments to a previous And column, some people freak out if you bring up how much terrorism is carried out by white people).
•The FDA spies on its own researchers. Charles Pierce crushes the FDA’s defense of its actions.

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