Wrapping up early

We have stuff to do with TYG’s friends this weekend, starting in a couple of hours (and I don’t mean they’re not my friends too, or that I won’t enjoy myself—I will—but “TYG’s friends” is still the way I tend to classify them). So work is done for the week.
Efforts to keep up production and not fall behind despite the day off were fairly successful: I didn’t get my full eHow quota in, but I did well enough. And I chopped another three hours off my fiction deficit.
Brain From Outer Space is crawling again. I’m writing completely new scenes now, rather than rewriting, so it’s slowing down.
•Two short stories back, sigh.
•Rewrite on Impossible Takes a Little Longer went well, but I’ve reached one of the points where my beta-readers found serious problems, so it’s slowing down as I try to perfect it.
•I started a new story called (working title only) Affair of Honor and did a little more work on Yellow Jack. No ending to either yet.
The Savage Years improved a lot, though again I’m not sure how I’m going to finish this draft. But by making Diana much less formidable and heroic (still heroic, but not as much), she works a lot better.
•I completed my next Hyperink booklet—an overview of The Emperor of All Maladies and I have only one draft of the ghost-writing gig left.
•Ehows done (it’s short as I don’t have the “paid” list for today yet):
•Why Not Go Straight to a Network & Forget the WBS?
•Concepts of Organizational Structure
•How to Turn on Sidebar Switch in Firefox
•Alternative Audit Procedures
•Small Business Web Content Filtering Strategies
•What Are Actionable Business Values?
•Federal Tax Laws for Immigrants on Work Visas
•Strategies for Creating a Sales Budget
•The Marketing, Tracking & Evaluation Process for Brochures
•System Safety Hazard Analysis
And that wraps up my week. I’ll leave you with a couple of links:
•An excellent article on the history of breast implants.
•A very depressing article about the Obama administration’s decision to help Congress take the wolf off the endangered species list. This is a strictly political move: A Democratic senator out west told the White House he couldn’t hold his seat if he didn’t take action against wolves. As the article notes, the hatred for wolves in the ranching states is vitriolic, so I’m sure he’s right, but I don’t think that’s a good reason.
•A NYT article about the use of parking lots as public space, and a more skeptical response from Lawyers, Guns and Money. I’m not sure I agree with the underlying assumption of both that finding parking is almost never an issue, though. It’s true, you could find parking back in Destin, but that frequently meant taking up a slot in some other busy business when you’re not shopping there, and they hated that.


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2 responses to “Wrapping up early

  1. I just discovered your blog. You have so much to say, and say it well. But the WordPress theme you chose makes it painful for me to read. For God’s sake, choose something better!

  2. frasersherman

    Okay, that’s two votes for change. Guess I need to start checking out themes (it goes on my iCal today).
    I’d say the blue of the theme matches my eyes, but they’re hazel. 🙂

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