Lots of beginnings, very few endings

After my rushed week last week, things are back to normal. And happily, it’s a productive normal. Though as the title implies, my short story work only produced one finished draft.
Brain From Outer Space keeps moving forward. Slowly, but steadily. The rewrite of The Impossible Takes a Little Longer, ditto.
•One of my goals for this month was to apply for at least eight freelance jobs. I think I applied for 10 this week.
•My rewrite of Jolly Bad Show—tentatively retitled Devil in the Fog—is going well, though I’m still not sure how the mystery element will play out. I stopped just at the point where the thick fog has rolled in, cutting off Letitia Throopville’s house party from the outside world.
•I started two new stories, Yellow Jack (set on the Mississippi in the 1840s) and Never Call Up What You Cannot Put Down (WW II in Europe).
•The one story I did finish, Dum-Dum Diddle is now entitled Fiddler’s Black, as it’s become a lot darker. It much improved this time around—the otherworld the characters wind up in is much creepier—but the storyline still needs work.
•I reviewed The Savage Years and I’m either going to have to cut one character (whom I really like) or radically change her. I’ll try option B first.
•I did have Glory That Was come back. Again. Sigh.
•I cut my fiction-writing deficit down by 4.5 hours. Feels good to owe less than double-digits.
•I had a spate of better-paying eHows, and they’re finance-oriented rather than tech stuff, which is a great change.
And the eHow list:
•Positive & Negative Effects of Assessments in the Workplace
•CCTV Data Compliance
•What Happens to a Franchise Agreement When a Franchisee Files Bankruptcy?
•How to Make a Transition From Cash to Accrual Basis
•Fax Machines That Work Over Cable
•Difference Between Bug Tracking & Defect Tracking
•Signs a Matrix Structure Is Working
•The Role of Factoring in Modern Business Finance
•The Management Strategies for Success in an Accounting Business
•What Is Protracted Default Liability?
•Advantages & Disadvantages of Limited Growth Strategies
•Difference in Business License & Registering a Business
•Do I Owe Taxes on Business Property of a Closed Business?
•What Happens When an LLC Is Foreclosed by a Bank?
•What Is the Difference Between USB ASPI and USB CD?

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