He can be stretched! He can be squeezed!

(Title courtesy of an old Brit comic-strip character: “He can be stretched, he can be squeezed because he’s——the Rubber Man!”).
Which is to say that I’m doing much better at rolling with the punches this week. A lot of the credit is due, I’m certain, to the four-day weekend; I definitely shouldn’t go five and half months again without giving myself a day off.
Another part is good scheduling. Rather than try to stick with the same daily schedule, I decided to experiment——extra work in the evening some days in return for a long lunch, short lunch hour in return for early quitting time others. If nothing else, it shows me what doesn’t work: Taking an hour off at 4 pm and going back on at 5 pm never produces good results for some reason (but I had to do it this week, to give the pizza I was making time to rise before dinner).
Today, admittedly, was a mess. I was slow, I found a bunch of the eHows I’d chosen were beyond my capability and then I computer-errored an eHow I’d finished out of existence (I can recreate it, but still). On the plus side, doing fiction in the morning meant I still got my 12 hours——and even an extra hour (I still hope to make up all that lost time last month)——in.
•I think I may have fixed the problem of Brain From Outer Space, though of course I’ve said that before. But I’m back to writing instead of plotting, so that’s an encouraging sign.
Mage’s Masquerade is getting closer to where I want it, though I’m still not sure I’ve fixed the problems with the ending——mostly because I didn’t get to it (I still had a few problems this week with getting distracted).
Doom-Tripper looks really good, though I didn’t finish that one either. Next week, however, I should finally have it in shape to show to my beta reader, then after her the writing group.
•I progressed a little further on Dum-Dum Diddle (working title), a new story I started a while back. Still no idea where it’s going, but as I’ve said before, if I can finish the first draft, eventually I can revise it into something good.
•I submitted three shorts, two proposals on eLance (site for freelance bids) and an article query I sent out got a favorable response. It’s only “well, give us more details” but still, that’s the first time I’ve gotten anything but a no in ages.
Now, as to eHows, here’s this week’s——slightly short, due to not being able to extract the ones done at the end of Nov. from the system:
•How to Disable HDCP on a MacBook Pro
•Front Projector Vs. LCD
•How to Convert a VHF Antenna to Pick Up UHF Signals
•Pantone C Vs. CVC
•What Is an SDI Video Signal?
•Understanding Menu Functions on the G12
•What Does Batch Mode Mean on SMS Texting?
•Types of Magnetic Ink in a Character Reader
•Functions of Selenium IDE
•What Is Encapsulation in Acrobat?
•Wavelength to Antenna Ratio
•What Is a Reactance Antenna?
•Internet Payments, Policies and Procedures
•How to Use Flash to Make Commercials

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