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Columnist Timothy Dalrymple tries to prove gay marriage will destroy heterosexual marriage by shifting the goalposts. No, gay marriage won’t destroy any individual marriage. No, of course it hasn’t done any harm in the states where it’s been around for years. Because the problem is (cue the ominous music) the long-term effect on the institution of marriage! So it doesn’t matter if things look fine now, somewhere down the road it might cause problems (because gays rights are linked to the sexual revolution and the sexual revolution was bad, so gay marriage must therefore be bad).
Brilliant, in a way: No matter how long we go without anything bad happening, Dalrymple can always insist we’re starting down that dread slippery slope.
•This slacktivist post has several good links in it.
•As some of you may have heard, Congress is debating a bill that would allow the military to detain accused traitors even if they’re American citizens on American soil. The Administration is fighting back, but mostly because they see it as restricting the Executive Branch’s power in favor of Congress in several ways. For example, although it sets into law a lot of the increased detention powers the Bush and Obama administrations have claimed, by so doing it makes it harder for Obama (and successors) to make new powers up on the grounds the 2003 authorization of military force somehow justifies it (more discussion here).
It’s a sorry day when the big debate is over whether congressional authoritarians or White House authoritarians have the power to lock Americans up in military detention. Pandagon adds technical detail.
•Ta-Nehesi Coates points out that no, studying the difference in IQ between the races is not some dispassionate exercise of science unaffected by culture. As witness that a century ago, Slavs, Poles, Italians and other immigrants were considered separate races from the true, Anglo-Saxon white people, and much inferior to them.
•In a lovely example of how politics trumps religion, Southern Baptist leader Richard Land instructs Newt Gingrich on how to convince Southern Baptist women who find his marital history disgusting to vote for him anyway.
As I’ve observed before, right-wing politicians and pundits love to talk about how their past sins don’t matter because God forgives them, but they never apply that outside their own little set (no forgiving Clinton, for instance). It’s almost like elections were more on their mind than God.
•You’ve probably heard about the Kansas high-school student who tweeted that GOv. Sam Brownback [edit: I originally wrote his former title, Senator]”blows.” WaPo’s Ruth Marcus is just horrified that some kid would talk like that to an elected official: Sure, there’s that First Amendment, but it doesn’t give you the right to do stuff like that! And don’t her parents realize their duty is to “inculcate values of respect for authority.”
As Glenn Greenwald points out at the link, Marcus’ belief in civil discourse didn’t stop her dismissing liberal critics of Obama as “deranged” people who “ought to be drug-tested.” But of course, those were only everyday citizens, not our glorious leaders.
I’ve no idea what prompted the young tweeter was thinking. I agree with her Brownback blows, given his ultra right-to-life stance (anyone who dismisses the burden of being forced to bear a rapist’s child by blithely asserting it’s “a beautiful child of a loving God, that we ought to protect in all circumstances in all places” blows big time), but she may have been thinking of something else. Or just mouthing off.
But you know what? It’s our right as Americans to mouth off. And hers too. Three cheers for her and her mum for not showing the same fawning respect for authority that Marcus does.


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