Oh the things that I’ll think

As I’d hoped, starting the morning with fiction seems to have broken me out of my funk——somewhat. It’s still annoyingly easy to throw me off track if anything happens outside the usual, but at least I did get my fiction time in. And I do think having a four-day weekend will help when I start back up Monday.
I didn’t actually get any writing done, however: Mostly, I decided it was time to sit and contemplate my work:
•I replotted Mage’s Masquerade, keeping the basic framework but changing the villain’s motive and the timing of the magical attacks. Since changing the motive will change his goals, I think it will work together better——we’ll find out when I take a crack at it next week.
Brain From Outer Space continues running out of steam at around the same place, and I think I see why. The problem is, the good guys and the bad guys aren’t really working against each other: Torgo is forging ahead with his plan for world conquest, the good guys are investigating but up until the climax they don’t really lock horns. Torgo needs to take more of an initiative to swat them down——or else make it obvious that he’s playing a waiting game, confident they can’t reach him before he makes his master stroke.
Alternative A generates more conflict, but it has one big drawback: He’s probably able to kill them. Unless I can think of something to stop him, Steve and Gwen will wind up dead, which doesn’t do my story much good. One possibility is to combine A and B: He uses one of his backup plans or agents to get them out of the way with minimal risk of exposure. So long as it’s not the “I’m putting you in a deathtrap you can’t possibly escape … oh, bother” cliche, I’m okay with that. I’ll give it more thought this coming week.
And definitely no more months focusing on one project, nanowrimo style. It just doesn’t work for me because if the project goes splat, I go splat. Exception being if it reaches a point close enough to completion that I want to bring it home with a bang.
Ehows this week:
•Do I Need Adobe Switchboard?
•Snow Leopard Crashes With Firefox
•iTunes Echo Effect
•Showing Critical Path Vs. Critical Tasks in MS Project
•Mac Extended File Size Limits
•How to Monitor for IP Surveillance
•What Is Dual DIN?
•What Is an SLA for Computer Memory?
•What Is Microsoft PowerShell?
•How to Make a Flash Web Portfolio
•FIPS Compliance Guide List
•When Does a Session ID Cookie Expire?
•What Is the EDP System?
•How to Design an NGO Website
•Computer Technology & Beef Cattle
•What Is an ISO Programmer?
•Rules for Official Congressional Web Pages
•How to Replace Attributes Using XSL
•How to Build a Flash Portfolio Site
•Do You Need to Charge a Capacitor?
•Do Capacitors Have Anything to Do With FM?

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